Let your inner radiance shine through in these signature CQ brilliant tones.

Handmade Camisole | The Century Hotel

SKU: 163.MB.13.02
  • Caring for your One of a Kind Cartoonqueen Garment.                    
    Handle with care.  When you wear it and when you wash it.                      
    Handwash with non-phosphorous detergent.                    
    Please no bleach, we like the brilliant colors.                    
    Roll in towel to absorb the water after hand rinsing.                    
    Hang on a hanger to dry.                    
    If needed, touch up with iron, using a cotton cloth between the iron and the delicate Cartoonqueen garment.

  • Camisole, 100% Silk Satin, Lined with sheer chiffon, Design: The Century Hotel | Miami Beach

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