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Iridescent blues and autumn tones synergize in this subtle design.

Scarab Dream | Scarf | 7"w x 52"l

SKU: 125.HME.01.01
  • Caring for your One of a Kind Cartoonqueen Scarf.            
    Handle with care.  When you wear it and when you store/travel with it.     
    Handwash gently if ever needed, with non-phosphorous detergent.           
    Please no bleach, we like the brilliant colors.            
    Roll in towel to absorb the water after hand rinsing.            
    Hang to dry.            
    If needed, touch up with warm iron temp, using a cotton cloth between the iron and the delicate Cartoonqueen fabric.

  • Scarf, Chiffon, sheer, 7"w x 52"l, serged hem