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There is no explaining the beauty found in this print.  The geometry born in shapes and colors will surprise you.

Off to School | Scarf | 17"w x 70"l

SKU: 114.CQ.01.02
  • Caring for your One of a Kind Cartoonqueen Scarf.            
    Handle with care.  When you wear it and when you store/travel with it.              
    Handwash gently if ever needed, with non-phosphorous detergent.            
    Please no bleach.            
    Roll in towel to absorb the water after hand rinsing.            
    Hang to dry.            
    If needed, touch up with warm iron temp, using a cotton cloth between the iron and the delicate Cartoonqueen fabric.

  • Scarf, 17"w x 70"l, Chiffon, sheer, serged hem