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CartoonQueen Inspiration

Updated: May 14, 2020

On this post, we will share with you some of the places and people that inspire the Cartoonqueen artwork. Travel and Bike rides through South Beach serve as great inspiration for artwork! Be sure to click the sound... music plays a part.

The red & white stripes on the lifeguard stand at the end of South Beach are irresistible! This is where our South of Fifth Life Guard Stand image comes from.

Sometimes it's just a simple sunrise that gives the inspiration!

Sometimes it's hard to use just one shot...

The walk back from South Pointe Park is pristine.. In March the water is not cold but too cold to swim if you are from Florida.

Check out the Virtual Tour of South Beach from 15th Street down to 5th Street. The old Versace Mansion has the windows open! wut? #Miamibeach #Beach #SOBE #TOUR #VIRTUALTOUR #CHECKITOUT

So we continue with the SOBE tour, this video was taken south of 5th street. South Pointe Park is closed but it goes fairly close. #miamibeach #beachtour #virtualtour #miami #florida #SOBE #inspiration #cartoonqueen

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