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Creative Tips by The CartoonQueen

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

From concept to collectible, Stay tooned for my drawing and painting tips. I start with a simple sketch, further develop it with the computer and then translate it to a fabric that gets sewn into a one of a kind collectible.

Sketch: The initial sketch comes from my travels or whenever I have a chance to doodle on paper. This particular sketch was done while I was traveling in New Zealand, South Island.

Digital Design: After I returned from my trip, I created the sketch in Adobe flash. A digital version of the drawing where I add color and composition.

FABRIC : The next step is to create the pattern repeat to design a fabric from the image. We decided to use a Mirror repeat here and it turns out it created turtles within the design. Can you see the turtles?

Collectible: The final collectible is created by Joani into a #TeaTowel.

Basic Drawing tips Episode 1 - Adobe Flash CS6 basic drawing tools 101.

In this video, we cover the basics of drawing, you do not need a computer to draw, only paper and pencil, pen or charcoal... #DIY #LEARNTODRAW #CARTOONS #JUSTDOIT

Basic Drawing Tips Doodle Session: Adobe Flash - the simple elements of drawing a cartoon.

This video demonstrates character design.

How to Draw a Horse in Water. Today I wasn't sure what would come out when I started the video... a horse with a hitch hiker showed up. Hope you enjoy watching..

This is Bitch Please fun...

Below I was goofing around and did a cartoon of my impression of LAGERFUNK you can follow her in instagram. She's a Fashion Designer located in Paris.

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