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Aircrete Dome Home Buildout

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

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Hi Everyone!

This is the spot for the Cartoonqueen Aircrete Experience! The Dome Home concept has fascinated my artistic side for years and years. I am finally going to learn how to properly mix aircrete and learn the dome home creation process. This process may take some time but so very excited to announce the time has come to start creating in Aircrete!

Over the next few years, we will learn how to work with Aircrete and share our lessons along the way. Things like learning how to create concrete molds and blocks for a home and creating original artwork. As each project moves forward we will provide a list of tools and items we are looking for and what we can provide in trade. Please reach out through our contact page with any questions - Stay Tooned!

Thank you to our fantastic friends and family who gave a donation! Thank you! we will be posting video of the next run woo woo! thank you!

Option A | Below is a sketch I did with respect to a dome home layout.

Option B | Studio and Guest Bedroom included in home.

Youtube Update on sketches

Homestead | Update 3 | Property and Site visit! join our youtube channel: cartoonqueen/1000. stay informed on the process as we go!

Homestead Buildout | Update 4 | Revised Aircrete progress

Homestead Buildout | Update 5 | Finally Made it closer to property


The Cartoonqueen launched the Creative Trade concept as soon as she knew what she wanted to do.

Donations, gifts, trading and sharing what you know are all welcomed in completing this project. The Cartoonqueen trades time for donations. Your donations are equal to $25.00 per hour in creative trade such as Greeting cards, Custom T-shirts, Cartoons, Murals, Paintings, Creative Muse Workshops and Information learned while using Aircrete.

For example: When a $100 donation is received, a 4 hour log is created. You choose the repayment category from a list. If you have any interest in knowing more please visit our blog page , subscribe to the Cartoonqueen Boobtube channel If you want a creative trade list or have general questions, just send us a note Contact.

2022 SUMMER IS HERE! OKAY 90 degrees every day is something only a freshwater spring can handle!!!

Check out the NEVER ENDING homestead Buildout update for June 2022

Early October 2022 Homestead Update

Late October 2022 Homestead update

November 1, 2022 Homestead Update

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