Aircrete Dome Home Buildout

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Hi Everyone!

This is the spot for the Cartoonqueen Homestead build out! This process may take some time but so very excited to announce the Land has been located and we are now in the initial planning stages. We will be adding video to this blog as we make progress.

Over the next few weeks, we will be tagging trees and getting ready to clear the land. How will the Cartoonqueen do this on Zero dollars in hand? Well, with a lot of planning and the help of others! As the project moves forward we will provide a complete list of tools and items we are looking for and what we can provide in trade. We will post images of the floor plan and other details. There are some very creative souls working on this project and I know everyone will be very excited to see what comes out of this adventure. Please reach out through our contact page with any questions and or, If you don't want to contribute and you just want to watch, that's okay too! Stay Tooned!

Thank you to our fantastic friends and family who gave a donation! Thank you! we will be posting video of the test run for the initial Gazebo design. woo woo! thank you!

Option A | Below is a sketch I did of the preferred layout for the property. The county requires a total of 1,200sq.ft of AC space. So I will visit the county and ask about the different layouts and what can and will be approved. I prefer a separate studio space from the home. will update with photos of land over this weekend. Thank you for all the donations so far! they will cover tree tagging and clearing the land expenses. Stay tooned!

Option B | Studio and Guest Bedroom included in home. This layout is the back up plan

Youtube Update on above homestead sketches

Homestead Buildout | Update 3 | Property and Site visit! join our youtube channel: cartoonqueen/1000. stay informed on the process as we go!

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